As Bangladesh is a densely populated country, Assk Amari Way Developers Ltd. has taken a long-term vision for solving the residential problem of the people.

Accordingly, the company is seriously trying to provide the people of this country with comfortable accommodations with maximum facilities at a minimum budget.

In comparison to others, Assk Amari Way Developers Ltd. is an exceptional real estate development company having a mission to gain customer satisfaction and to create a cordial relationship by the timely handover of projects. We are basically interested to treat all of our clients as the family members of the company. The company is always committed to maintain the quality and standards of construction at any cost. Our Engineering Department is engaged whole-heartedly to complete all projects following the approved structural and architectural designs as well as the most up to date technology. We always pay our attention to establish the honb’le customer’s trust and dependability upon our honesty, sincerity and determined commitment.

The hon’ble customer’s trust is considered as our great asset.

Mohammad Monirul Islam

Chairman & Managing Director
ASSK Amari Way Developers Ltd.

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