Why rely on ASSK?

We are a US-based real estate company in Bangladesh having a strong reputation for trust and reliability. Assk Amari Way Ltd. is committed to offer world-class service and market-driving skills to our customers. We are enthusiastic about giving our customers the best of everything, a commitment that other competitors won’t usually. Obsessive dependability, reliability and impressive outcomes will be the marks of our service. We feel honesty, integrity and trust play key roles in managing an excellent relationship with the clients.

We offer reasonable price. We value customer's laste & demand. We don't commit what we cannot fulfill, We strictly adhere to govt. building code. We use only best quality construction materials.

for land owners

Looking for the best real estate company? Then we are here to help you out. We are very transparent and accountable since we aim to building a long-term relationship with the clients. Also, our objective is to sell your property at the best price at the fastest possible time.

for buyers

We have excellent offers for our buyers. Our energetic and dedicated team provides a reliable and resourceful field survey to find the best property that materializes your wildest expectations. For your convenience, we provide the property search options where you can choose your desired property from the range of possibilities.

Our service is fair-minded and impartial, accessible to everyone We act to the best interest of our clients, the organization, and our profession. ASSK consistently trying its level best to reach the zenith of its success. The company will keep adopting new approaches to champion its goal.

Assk Amari Way Ltd. is a one-stop solution for you because we provide all the real estate solutions, namely property buying and selling, renting, investing, and planning.

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